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Our specialty is organizational development and relationships. KRS Consulting services include business services, business development, business training, and consulting services. Time is valuable and you should dedicate your time and resources to your specialty. We will do the same on your behalf.

We are committed to the highest levels of customer service and collaboration to build long standing relationships – not short term engagements – with our clients.

Business Services

Getting started in business is the most critical aspect of establishing your business. Staying in business is the first step toward financial stability and growth. Diversifying your client portfolio is necessary to growth organizations. KRS Consulting works with business owners who value having a solid foundation from which to operate. We will assist with:

  • Business Incorporation
  • Vendor Certifications
  • Supplier Support
  • Contract Procurement
  • Minority Certifications (SBE, DBE, WMBE, Section 3, HUB)

diverse four looking to the right focus secondEngaging in business assessments than highlight supplier readiness help businesses understand their organizational goals. When companies realize bottom-line results because they have focused on organizational needs and gaps, the ability to take advantage of opportunities increase. Our systemic approach leverages multiple of influences that affect results.

Working Capital Access

captureThere are times when businesses need a bit of extra financial support. Fast, easy working capital credit solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of growing small business seeking sustainability – from well-established businesses to growing businesses looking to implement a working capital strategy our Ongoing Access Now! products meet our clients needs.

From non-collateralized lines to deposit capital support, KRS Consulting is dedicated to partnering with you to build strategies that strengthen your organizations financial ability. Providing customized plans to ensuring that your business grows and meets its financial obligations.

At KRS Consulting we will help your company identify, establish, focus, and actualize your strategic and financial goals. We will help you:

  • Identify practices that sustain your business
  • Craft a financial solution customized for your business
  • Work with you to provide the right support for your business

Developing a financial plan where the line of credit is a tool for success is the secret to credit working for you!

To learn what options are available to you, click here, download and complete the simple application. Save and email to or fax to 704.625.7411. Fast, simple, easy. No hassles. Our underwriters have small business ownership experience.

Get funded in 10-15 days.

Business Development

The customer service strategy is an integral part of every sales strategy and sales process. Understanding, defining and executing the sales strategy by sales and service teams create a competitive advantage.

A competitive advantage is created by a combination how your people work together, the use of technology, and your business processes. At KRS Consulting, we work optimize the performance of your to people improve the bottom-line, including consulting in the areas of sales team efficiency, generating new business from existing business, and define how your customer service strategy can better support the sales strategy.

Organizational Training

As population demographics change and globalization brings business opportunities with diverse companies to the forefront. Improving your company’s cultural and difference competencies will increase your competitive advantage.

The Population Reference Bureau (2006) predicted 100% of the U.S. workforce growth will come from new immigrants and their children between 2010 and 2030 and the Census Bureau indicated by 2050 people of color will outpace whites in population growth. Additionally, we currently have four generations of workers in today’s workplace. Such change will also change the nature and types of businesses operating domestically and abroad. Additionally, understanding that diversity stretches beyond its visible aspects (such as ethnic origin, age, and weight) but to challenges regarding political affiliation, sexuality, marital status and religion.

Companies that seek understanding and embrace inclusion rather managing difference will fare much better than those who subscribe to increasingly outdated modes of thinking. At KRS Consulting, we will help you and your employees:

  • Lead and operate in a multicultural environment
  • Leverage the cadre of diverse ideas and experiences of your work force and clients
  • Help you move beyond awareness to inclusion